April 2020 - Location Switzerland

Access to medical care should not depend on your GPS location. We use autonomous aircraft to deliver lifesaving medical supplies throughout Africa. We are looking for someone coming out of a top tier university to pursue a 3-6 month internship​ in our Health Systems unit. 

Some problems you might work on:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the local African healthcare supply chain 

  • Create and implement processes for integrating into the health logistics infrastructure by working with engineering and operations teams

  • Onboard the first 100 facilities; collect feedback and improve the experience for the next 1,000 facilities

  • Gather data and stories to communicate successes with all stakeholders (senior government officials, local officials, doctors, and citizens)

Desired Experience

  • Previous projects experience working with health systems. 

  • Strong technical background

  • Team player and experience working with engineering teams. 


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