April 2020 - Location Switzerland

Access to medical care should not depend on your GPS location. We use autonomous aircraft to deliver lifesaving medical supplies throughout Africa. We are looking for someone coming out of a top tier university to pursue a 3-6 month internship​ in our Electrical Engineering unit. 

Some problems you might work on:

  • Design and validation of vehicle electronics (from the set described above, and future designs as they are needed)

  • Provide engineering expertise in the area of design, analysis, and testing of unmanned aerial vehicle electronics

  • Participate in system and sub-system level design trades and develop requirements

  • Define and perform electrical system verification testing and analysis

Desired Experience

  • Designed and tested a circuit board (it doesn't need to have worked. Interested to hear about it.)

  • Experience taking one or more electronics designs from concept through schematic capture, layout, bring up, and test

  • Familiarity with firmware development in C

  • Python for automation of test equipment


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