April 2020 - Location Switzerland

Access to medical care should not depend on your GPS location. We use autonomous aircraft to deliver lifesaving medical supplies throughout Africa. We are looking for someone coming out of a top tier university to pursue a 3-6 month internship​ in our Software Engineering unit. 

Some problems you might work on:

  • Use sensor data from our autonomous aircraft to detect hazards, make intelligent routing decisions, and fly through dense obstacle

  • The backend of a webapp that allows our regulators to safely oversee fleets of drones

  • A system that generates flight routes, validates them, then releases them to operations. 

  • A server application that aggregates, processes, and uploads flight log data from drones

Desired Experience

  • Signal processing, especially in imaging or perception

  • Machine learning, especially for processing real-world sensor data

  • Computer vision, especially in embedded systems or robotics

  • Deep knowledge of embedded programming

  • Comfortable debugging electrical and software issues on prototype systems

  • Fluency in Python, C, and C++

  • Experience with Linux-based server environments

  • You're a software generalist and can contribute to all parts of the stack when needed

Please include a portfolio, your application cannot be considered without it


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