April 2020 - Location Switzerland

Access to medical care should not depend on your GPS location. We use autonomous aircraft to deliver lifesaving medical supplies throughout Africa. We are looking for someone coming out of a top tier university to pursue a 3-6 month internship​ in our Mechanical Engineering unit. 

Must have Technical Experience:

  • Prior experience deploying hardware, owning the full hardware product development, concept through production. 
  • Trusted technical expert in design, manufacturing, or analysis.

  • Ability to synthesize elegant solutions from disparate industries like aerospace, consumer electronics, medical, or construction

Must have Project Experience:

  • Experience on a mission-driven team, passionate high commitment high initiative environments

  • Capable of solving complex multidisciplinary problems with little supervision on schedule as an individual or as a member of an integrated team

  • Full life-cycle development of new hardware systems - revolutionary, not evolutionary approaches or small incremental updates to hardware.​ 

Please include a portfolio, your application cannot be considered without it


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