April 2020 - Location Switzerland

Access to medical care should not depend on your GPS location. We use autonomous aircraft to deliver lifesaving medical supplies throughout Africa. We are looking for someone coming out of a top tier university to pursue a 3-6 month internship​ in our Robotics Engineering unit. 

Some problems you might work on:

  • Responsible for code that governs the behavior of the plane. 

  • Writing code that takes information from the various sensor systems and uses it to drive a wealth of different decisions. 

  • Be working on safety-critical algorithms that we rely on to ensure safe operation of our vehicles at all times.

  • Support the full lifecycle of a new capability, from initial brainstorming, to thorough simulation and flight testing, to production rollout.

Desired Experience

  • Previous projects experience writing code for robotics and drones. 

  • Python and C experience

  • Computer vision, especially in embedded systems or robotics

  • Machine learning, especially for processing real-world sensor data


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