To seal Africa's infrastructure gap, some $93 billion per year for the next decade will need to be invested. - World Bank

Drones could account for 10% -15% of Africa’s transport sector in the next decade and Megdov is contributing to that growth. We work with Ministries of Health predominantly in Africa to help transport blood and vaccines via our drone network. 

According to the WHO, about 295,000 women died globally from mostly preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth in 2017, with roughly two-thirds of these deaths taking place in sub-Saharan Africa. This is [in part] due to the fact that blood could not get to the patient fast enough, as traditional transport means take far too long due to poor road infrastructure and the distance that needed to be covered. 

Our orders come in via Whatsapp. While infrastructure can be poor, the number of mobile internet users in sub-Saharan Africa reached 302 million in 2018. GSMA expects this to rise to nearly 700 million by 2025 which will expand Megdov's reach for patience in need of life savings medicines.

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